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(Just in case you are wondering... who the fuck is she?)


Rocio Crudo is a young Argentine director.
Born under the sun of Pisces, she has striking and sensitive aesthetics. Her energetic and adventurous personality is shown in her work, which mixes a singular boldness with pure feminine energy. When in High School, Rocio started working as a fashion photographer at the age of sixteen. She studied at Fundación Universidad del Cine (FUC), where she directed narrative short films that have been featured on international film festivals.
After directing music videos and fashion films she started shooting commercials, and was distinguished in 2015 with a special mention in the Lion Cannes Master of Creativity. Since then, she has been shooting for Avon, Nowness, Philips, Ford, HSBC, Stella Artois, Loreal, Laroche Posay, Nescafe, Claro, and Movistar, among others.
Rocio has always been a cinephile with inclinations towards art, fashion, and design. She resides in Buenos Aires, where she's working on her first feature film.




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